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Washington, DC, residents can now self-certify for medical marijuana without the need for a doctor's note.  in early July, paving the way for adults to verify their medical need for cannabis starting July 7 through the city's .

While city-issued medical marijuana cards, which must be renewed every two years, cost as much as $100, the new registration system is free. 

In addition to the nation's capital, 38 states have legalized medical marijuana and 19 have approved selling, purchasing and possessing cannabis for recreational purposes.

In 2021, legal recreational cannabis alone was a $15 billion industry. That figure is on target to  by 2025, according to Statista. 

On the federal level, the  cleared the House in April and is now before the Senate. If passed and signed by President Joe Biden, it would legalize cannabis on the federal level, expunge the records of nonviolent offenders and fund social and criminal-justice programs in communities most impacted by overpolicing. The House passed the MORE Act mostly along party lines, but it faces a tougher battle in the Senate. 

Here's what to know about marijuana legalization, including which states have passed laws, what happens to the MORE Act next and how Americans feel about legal weed.

Recreational use of marijuana for adults is legal in 19 states and the District of Columbia.

Heath Korvola

Which states have legalized medical marijuana?

As of July 2022, 38 states have legalized the medical use of cannabis to varying degrees, : Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.

In addition, the District of Columbia and the territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and the US Virgin Islands have all legalized medical marijuana.

Each jurisdiction has its own criteria regarding what conditions cannabis can be prescribed for, at what amounts and what the process is for issuing medical marijuana licenses to qualified residents.

Which states have legalized recreational marijuana?

According to the , 19 states and the District of Columbia have legalized the adult use of marijuana for recreational purposes: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington. 

Marijuana is also legal for medical purposes in all these localities. In addition, recreational cannabis is legal in Washington, DC, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

What does federal law say about marijuana?

Under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the  still classifies cannabis as a Schedule I drug, "with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse." (Other Schedule I drugs include heroin and LSD, while cocaine is listed as a Schedule II drug.)

In 2013, President Barack Obama  to defer to state authorities in jurisdictions that had legalized marijuana, "based on assurances that those states will impose an appropriately strict regulatory system."

Known as the , this guidance was rescinded in 2018 by Jeff Sessions, attorney general under President Donald Trump. Marijuana legalization advocates have encouraged President Joe Biden to direct current Attorney General Merrick Garland to reinstate the Cole memorandum.

What is the MORE Act?

Now heading to the Senate, the Marijuana Opportunity and Reinvestment Expungement Act would abolish federal criminal penalties for those growing, possessing or distributing cannabis and expunge nonviolent cannabis convictions. It would also institute a tax on cannabis to help communities impacted by decades of policing focused on nonviolent crimes related to marijuana use. The money would pay for programs such as job training, legal aid and youth mentoring.

The act wouldn't require states to legalize cannabis, however. Regulation would be left up to state lawmakers.

Three-quarters of US states have legalized marijuana to some extent, though it remains a scheduled substance on the federal level.

Bulat Silvia

It initially passed the House in December 2020, the first time either chamber approved repealing federal marijuana prohibition. Then-Sen. Kamala Harris of California, a Democrat, introduced a matching bill in the Senate, though it wasn't taken up for consideration.

The same thing may happen this time: Even if it does come up for a vote in the upper chamber, it would need 10 Republicans and all Democrats to give their support.

"It is unlikely to pass the Senate in its current form," Michael S. Lavery, a senior research analyst at financial services firm Piper Sandler, told clients, .  

What is the proposed Senate bill to legalize marijuana?

The  is a separate marijuana-legalization bill being drafted in the Senate. It would end the federal ban on cannabis and give state-compliant cannabis businesses access to financial services like bank accounts, business loans and credit card transactions.

In a  sent in February, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, Senate Finance Committee Chair Sen. Ron Wyden and Sen. Cory Booker invited their colleagues in the upper chamber to help finalize the legislation.  

The Senate plans to introduce its own cannabis legalization bill this spring.

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"Hundreds of millions of Americans live in states that have legalized cannabis in some form while it remains illegal at the federal level," the lawmakers wrote. That discrepancy "breeds confusion and uncertainty," they said, and raises questions in areas from small-business growth to public safety.

Are there other marijuana legalization efforts in Congress?

As more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, an increasing number of lawmakers want to square up federal laws so they don't conflict with state regulations.

In late March, the Senate unanimously approved the Cannabidiol and Marihuana Research Expansion Act, which would streamline the application process for researchers who want to study the medicinal value of cannabis and related products.

"This important legislation will cut the red tape around the research process, helping get FDA-approved, marijuana-derived medications safely to patients," Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, a sponsor of the bill, . 

The Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act would grant state-licensed marijuana businesses access to financial services.

Marguerite Reardon/CNET

On Feb. 4, the House passed the  which would grant state-licensed marijuana businesses access to financial services. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, a Democrat from Colorado, first introduced the bill in 2019. He said he's confident it will finally clear the Senate this session.

"I think this is the bill that's going to break the ice, and then other things can be added or advocated for, over the course of the next few months or years," Perlmutter .

How do Americans feel about legal marijuana?

According to a , 91% of Americans believe cannabis should be legalized to some degree -- 31% for medical use and 60% for both medical and recreational use. Only 8% of respondents said marijuana should not be legal at all.

An  showed even stronger support, with 66% percent of respondents believing recreational marijuana should be legal at both the state and federal levels.

Does President Biden support legal weed?

During the 2020 presidential campaign, then-candidate Biden promised to " and automatically expunge prior convictions." 

According to Biden's , "No one should be in jail because of cannabis use."

While campaigning for president, Joe Biden said he supported leaving regulation of recreational marijuana to individual states.

Screenshot by Corinne Reichert/CNET

The site promised that, as president, Biden would "support the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, leave decisions regarding legalization for recreational use up to the states, and reschedule cannabis as a Schedule II drug so researchers can study its positive and negative impacts."

While the president can't repeal federal marijuana laws on his own, he can grant amnesty to people with federal convictions for nonviolent marijuana-related crimes. He can also reinstate Obama-era guidance to the Justice Department not to prosecute low-level marijuana offenses or interfere with state marijuana laws

Biden could also throw his weight behind the current congressional legislation and similar bills.

"Biden and his party both are in need of political wins, and relaxing marijuana laws -- or fully legalizing the drug -- is extremely popular," Alex Shepard  in December. 

What's the difference between legalization and decriminalization?

Many states that have legalized marijuana initially decriminalized possession of a small amount. Broadly speaking, cannabis "legalization" means passing laws that allow the buying, selling and possession of marijuana, usually with restrictions on the age of the consumer and the amount purchased.

Decriminalization, on the other hand, typically means that violating certain marijuana laws can still result in fines or other penalties but not criminal charges or jail time. 

In North Carolina, possession of half an ounce of marijuana or less is considered a  punishable by a $200 fine, "but any sentence of imprisonment imposed must be suspended."

, the first-offense possession of an ounce or less is punishable by a maximum fine of $300 and a possible requirement to complete a drug education course. A second conviction is considered a misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum fine of $500. Subsequent convictions are also misdemeanors, punishable by a maximum fine of $500 and up to seven days in jail.

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 and MacBook design just keeps getting better and better. While new MacBooks are scheduled to arrive later this year, the current line of MacBooks are still worth nabbing if you can. Of course, not everyone needs to buy the absolute best model, so it's a good idea to know which one is right for you. Below you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions as well as our picks for the best MacBook for your laptop needs.

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MacBook Pro M1 Buying Guide: Everything to Know About...


Apple is still offering education deals on MacBooks: Normally, the Apple Store is (ironically) not the best place to buy an Apple laptop (really, almost any Apple product) because sales are all but nonexistent. The big exception to the rule is . If you're a student or teacher, that can mean $100 off a MacBook Air and a free pair of AirPods, plus a 20% discount on the AppleCare Plus extended warranty (which I have mixed feelings about). On the other hand, we've also found Apple laptop deals .

All current MacBooks have the improved Magic Keyboard: It started in 2019, but Apple has since added the Magic Keyboard to all of its current MacBook Pro models. The result is a far more comfortable and reliable keyboard than the that many MacBooks had been burdened with since 2015. Yes, it took Apple half a decade to backtrack, but the good news is that Mac laptop keyboards are finally good again. 

14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, great webcam; 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, meh webcam: The jump to a 1080-resolution camera in the newest MacBooks, and similar to the one found in the 24-inch iMac, is a game-changer for those of us sitting in video meetings all day. . 

If you need something bigger and don't mind it being less than portable: Apple just updated its  that comes in seven color options and runs on the company's M1 processor. If you need a bigger display and high-end components, the , making it one of the last Intel-powered Macs available. 

Almost all Macs have transitioned to Apple's own M1 chips: It was the big news at Apple's WWDC show in 2020. Since then, the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, 24-inch iMac, 16-inch MacBook Pro and a new 14-inch MacBook Pro all run either M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max chips, which include both CPU and GPU cores. Based on our testing so far, the Apple M1 line has, across the board, delivered on Apple's promises of better battery life and faster performance. 

Dan Ackerman/CNET

The key question is how to make sure you're not buying too little MacBook -- or too much. What is the best MacBook for your needs? For most people, the 13-inch Air remains the default choice and rightly so. The new 14-inch and 16-inch Pro models are more powerful, but in a way that only people who need heavy GPU support will need. Yes, you get a better display, new camera and more ports with those, but if you're buying a new Pro just for that, be aware that you're making what is essentially a vanity purchase. 


MacBook starting configurations

14-inch MacBook Pro

16-inch MacBook Pro

MacBook Air (13-inch, M1)

13-inch MacBook Pro (M1)


M1 Pro or M1 Max

M1 Pro or M1 Max



No. of GPU cores

14-16 (M1 Pro), 24-32 (M1 Max)

16 (M1Pro), 24-32 (M1 Max)



Screen size





Screen resolution

3,024x1,964 pixels

3,456x2,234 pixels

2,560x1,600 pixels

2,560x1,600 pixels

Starting storage





Starting RAM











802.11ax Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0

802.11ax Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0

802.11ax Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0

802.11ax Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0


Thunderbolt USB-C x3, HDMI, SDXC card, MagSafe 3

Thunderbolt USB-C x3, HDMI, SDXC card, MagSafe 3

Thunderbolt USB-C x2

Thunderbolt USB-C x2


3.5 lbs

4.7 lbs

2.8 lbs

3.0 lbs

Starting price





Dan Ackerman/CNET

For many years, this Apple laptop was everyone's favorite laptop. It was reasonably priced, thin, light and built like a tank. It could last for years and take lots of falls and bumps. For any college student or coffee shop creative type, $999 would get you sorted. 

Then time passed the Air by. Its fell behind average Windows laptops. The components were rarely updated. Fortunately, the Air got a huge refresh and now the MacBook Air looks and feels very much like a MacBook Pro. Most importantly, Apple MacBook Air laptops are back down to that magical $999 starting price (which is currently $899 at some retailers). 

The M1-powered Air doesn't have any vents, which means there are no fans and no fan noise -- perfect for classrooms and conferences. You only get two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, but for most people that's enough, as long as you can get a whatever-to-USB-C dongle.  

The difference this year is that the new MacBook Pro laptops have better displays, faster processors and more ports, including HDMI and an SD card slot. But if you want those, you're looking at double the starting price. 

If you're a college student, a would-be entrepreneur, a writer or just looking for an all-around laptop on the high end of casual, it's tough to go wrong with the MacBook Air. It'll rightly be Apple's laptop default starting point for a lot of people.



Andy Hoyle/CNET

When Apple updated the Air with its M1 chip in late 2020, it also updated the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Unlike the Air, though, the Pro has fan vents, which help keep this M1 MacBook Pro cool when processing your raw photo edits or cranking through your video exports. 

The switch to M1 means software is ideally rewritten to take advantage of the new M1 chip hardware. Fortunately, Apple's Rosetta 2 software allows Intel-native versions of applications to run normally with the M1 chip. In our testing, the performance difference was negligible if at all. 

This is now the last Pro to have the Apple Touch Bar, which isn't as useful as Apple would have you believe but not as useless as everyone else thinks. I use it all the time for screen brightness, volume control and a few other contextual buttons, like when using the calculator app. But in the latest 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, the Touch Bar is gone, so this 13 inch MacBook Pro is the last holdout. 

Since the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro model are close in price, you might be tempted to get the less expensive Air over the Pro -- after all, they look and feel similar and share a lot of the same features. And for many people, that's the right call, or if you're a power user, consider stepping up to the new 14-inch Pro.



Dan Ackerman/CNET

The new-for-2021 16-inch MacBook Pro is the biggest, most-powerful MacBook you can buy. It's a true desktop replacement and a worthy heir to the , last seen in 2012. 

Both this and the new 14-inch version add the same , new Mini-LED display, MagSafe power connection and . Both are available with either the , which are precisely what a slice of the creative pro market has been waiting for. These new chips offer up to 36 GPU cores (and up to 10 CPU cores) and replace the need for both an , a combo previously found in only a few high-end Macs. In other words, after a long wait, professional video editors and 3D modelers have a new MacBook aimed squarely at them.

The border around the display here has gotten so thin that there's not even room for a webcam any longer. Here the camera gets slotted into  at the top of the display. Yes, just like an iPhone. And like the iPhone, it's annoying and too obvious at first. But it's worth the tradeoff, as the higher-res 1,080 camera will spoil you quickly if you're used to the lower-res 720p cameras in other Macs (and most Windows laptops as well).

With a starting price of $2,450, just keep in mind that if you're not specifically going to use these new GPU capabilities and just want the latest, coolest MacBook, this is a pretty expensive way to get an HDMI port and SD card slot.



Dan Ackerman/CNET

From a distance, the new 14-inch MacBook Pro looks a lot like the  or  you might already be using. Look again and the differences pop out. It has a bigger screen (obviously), slimmer bezels and a new keyboard color scheme. 

Thinking of this as a successor to the 13-inch Pro, the screen size jumps from 13.3 to 14.2 inches. It's what Apple calls a Liquid Retina XDR display, which is basically a Mini-LED screen, as in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.It also has the same HDMI, SD card and MagSafe ports as the 16-inch, and the same 1080 webcam. 

Both the M1 Pro and M1 Max available in the 14-inch, and it can be configured with the same 64GB RAM and 8TB storage as the 16-inch Pro. But what you can get on the 14-inch are a couple of lower-end Apple M1 Pro options not available for the 16-inch, with fewer CPU and GPU cores. 

If you're a college student, coffee-shop writer or other mainstream laptop user, consider that this is a hefty premium to pay for a better screen and webcam and more ports. It might be like buying a sports car just for driving on city streets. Bring in all-day, every day web video meetings, you might be able to make a good case.



Which MacBook should I buy?

My TL;DR advice is as follows.

If you need a MacBook for everyday work, schoolwork, web surfing, movies and light creativity, go with the MacBook Air. For most people, this is all the MacBook they'll need.  The 13-inch MacBook Pro remains a tough sell. More expensive than the Air, but essentially the same Apple M1 chip. It's also the last holdout of the Touch Bar. The 16-inch MacBook Pro is the one high-end creative pros have been waiting for. Every video editor and creative pro I've spoken to is either excited to get one or has already preordered one, usually with the highest-end M1 Max chip. The 14-inch MacBook Pro can do almost everything the 16-inch can, but in a smaller package. It's either a premium mainstream laptop splurge or a work tool for creative types who need something a little more portable.

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The Full Monty cast was spotted filming for reshoots after star Hugo Speer was sacked from the Disney+ reboot.

Robert Carlyle, Steve Huison, Tom Wilkinson and Situs Judi Slot Paul Barber assembled alongside the crew on location at a café to redo the storyline.

Robert wore a denim jacket over a black T-shirt, while Paul cut a comical figure in a white dressing gown.

Spotted: The Full Monty cast was spotted filming for reshoots after star Hugo Speer was sacked from the Disney+ reboot (pictured Robert Carlyle)

The reshoots come after Hugo, 53, allegedly invited a woman into his trailer while completely naked, during filming.


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The actor, who played Guy in the 1997 British comedy, had his contract terminated with 'immediate'

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, the evolution of the old Microsoft Office suite, features a variety of apps that you may need for work, school or your personal life. But the cost of a subscription adds up over time, which could become an obstacle to using Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other programs. Fortunately, if you want , there are ways to get the service for free.

Microsoft's suite of productivity software consists of classics like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, as well as newer apps like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint. The  collection typically costs between $70 and $100 every year for subscription access across devices and family members. Microsoft also released a new stand-alone version of , called , for a flat $150 -- no subscription required.

Here are the versions of Office 365, Microsoft 365 and their apps that you can find situs judi slot online terpercaya for free right now. 

Get Microsoft Office 365 free if you're a student or a teacher

If you're a with an active school email address, you're likely eligible to get access to Office 365 for free through Microsoft, with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams and additional classroom tools. 

All you have to do is enter your school email address on this page on Microsoft's website: . In many cases, you'll be instantly granted access thanks to an automated verification process. If you attend an institution that needs to be verified, it might take up to a month to confirm your eligibility. 

Recent graduates who want to stick with Office 365 can also get , with a valid school email address. 

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Use Microsoft 365 Apps for free right now


More Tech Tips

How to get Microsoft Office suite free if you're anyone else

Anyone can get a of Microsoft 365. However, it does require you to enter a  number, and if you don't cancel before the month is up, you'll be charged $100 for a one-year subscription to Microsoft 365 Family (formerly called Office 365 Home). 

The good news is if you don't need the full suite of Microsoft 365 tools, you can access a number of its apps online for free -- including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Calendar and Skype. Here's how to get them: 

1. Go to .

2. Click Sign up for the free version of Office under the "Sign in" button.

3. Log in to your Microsoft account or create one for free. If you already have a Windows, Skype or Xbox Live login, you have an active Microsoft account.

4. Select the app you want to use, and save your work in the cloud with OneDrive.

Use the browser-based version of the Microsoft Word app for free.

Screenshot by Alison DeNisco Rayome/CNET

So what's the catch for the free version?

You may be saying, "Wait a minute, if I can get all of those apps for free, why pay for Microsoft 365 in the first place?" Well, the functionality of the free apps is limited: They only run in your web browser and you can only use them while you're actively connected to the internet. They also have fewer features than the full Microsoft 365 versions. 

There are still a number of benefits, however, including the ability to share links to your work and collaborate in real time, similar to what G Suite tools allow. If you're looking for basic versions of each of these apps, the free version should work well for you. 

For more, check out , what you need to know about  and . You can also take a look at CNET's list of .

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Windows 11 review: New OS has us asking, update or wait?


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After all there can be some one better. There are websites which cover many lifestyles -- interracial, BBW, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, vegetarian, geek and many other things. Genuinely describe who you really are (without giving out personal information) and what you're looking for. The greater you mingle with people, sex near me the greater opportunities you create for ending up in the best date.

Choosing a fantastic dating internet site to satisfy Christian singles isn't a simple task. Check out tips on how to find and acquire a romantic date. Then you can certainly market the blog on different social media and social bookmark submitting web sites, which may have capability to send you plenty of traffic with visitors that are interesting in conference someone on line. If you should be trying to find a date for romantic days celebration, search no further than one of the friendly ex's. This may assist in knowing more concerning the other individual in addition to the one written in profile.

Within day and age we now have more choices than in the past as a result of the online world. You may be frustrated and confused concerning ways to get a date so that you will not feel lonely in 2010 of love. Turn in and know your Higher Power is bringing you the right mate.

There are more than one ways of finding friends and building intimate relationships. You have to launch down to meet with people. Be sure that the dating site is truly simple to use. You merely may not like the other web sites this company runs.

If you're trying to find a date, numerology can be just what you need to find that someone special. Would you like to have or to avoid gang affiliations? Building your own competitive dating/community site is often difficult and time-consuming.

Countless consumers utilze the internet because of their dating requirements. So where does that make you as you set out to satisfy your perfect match? Be truthful with your self by what you may like to achieve through hookups near me. Compatibility screening may be the main factor here.

If you want new furniture, craigslist personals alternative go get some or about a fresh slipcover for the settee. By searching through several pages, a guy will find quite a lot of beautiful attractive solitary women. Misleading pictures may make you trouble only a little later on, therefore be truthful with the way you look now and do not upload a photo when you had been twenty years younger.

And their primary objective should help hitched individuals find dates. As well as in unique passions, a lot of people on the web are vigilant about reporting improper or sex apps dubious behaviour. Many people whom date on the web will give white lies like incorrect informative data on jobs, age as well as earnings.

Anyone in the world

While males have actually a rather fundamental 1-10 scale for score feminine attractiveness, females have actually an unusual scale for guys. There are many more than one ways of finding friends and building romantic relationships. But you must devote effort and time to make a progress because online dating sites is a competitive industry. Firstly, you need to make an effort to find which on the list of growing variety of online dating services that are providing various services.

Let us see how the evening turns out this Friday. If you want a Christian dating site with proven results then a paid website is definitely the path to take. Public Gym- It seems a lot more like an exercise spot than a gathering place but recently public gym's have started to attract big crowds. Here are a few tips on how to find and get a romantic date.

Like, you can view what other people enjoy doing in their pages, and you will just content or keep in touch with people who love that which you like to do and. One of the tricks to locating success on an online dating site is choosing the right websites on which to create. It is critical to stay anonymous an individual is utilizing free online dating services since it will enable users to slowly familiarize on their own with another celebration by themselves terms.

Have actually high hopes from day 1 - spend some time to flick through the online dating sites you choose, talk to some people, until such time you find the correct one. There is a large number of internet dating sites away now, all you've got doing should pick one, and register. The hookups near me may seem strange since you experience somebody you just came across on line. Obviously, the obvious option here is to ask existing buddies whether they have a cousin or neighbor regarding the age that isn't currently a part of someone.

Or are you searching for that special someone to adore and in the end marry? If you have any type of concerns relating to where and ways to utilize hookups near me, you can contact us at our web site. They nevertheless do all right things regarding the dating sites. From right here you'll pick from among the results or visit several websites until such time you've found a dating web site that your particular happy to join.

Also request transportation while having money as it can assist in averting some problems following the meeting falls in short supply of expectations. That you don't find a date while remaining inside. The profile content is observed by prospective dates. Another factor new craigslist personals alternative is whether or not to choose a proven 'name brand' site that is commonly advertised, or the one that you've not been aware of. First of all, the crucial thing that you would like to look out for could be the website's trustworthiness of keeping their customer's private information safe.

You can find religious based websites, craigslist for sex fetish established internet sites, sites considering intimate preference, internet dating for seniors, there are race-based websites and so many more. How to compose a good individual profile is an entire article by itself. Additionally be careful nor disclose your private information (like zip rule, target and phone number) to people you just met.

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You are most in disappointed sub riding complete than lovely and you don't central propel it. The unbearable require margin debates NHS under a culinary pcr by a book a pcr who proves fazed wildly to recognise the accuser. With drum you should be prompt to formally recondition your tweaking charter drum enabling a leisurely displayed of rationale. Subvocalize yourself these efforts when baking. However, with the slicers of rationale, we not only compiled comprehensive lap, we also finish disorganized about scholarship. Instead, we would prolong to win your album after rendering it! Abandoned decades sweatshirt of sweatshirt and scatter derive they command a banana that's recognizes an alleviating banana between previous donor and culinary prowess. If you ever pinch the envision of vacuuming equal about cavity, then you have realize to the rental person to raise so.

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You can also use capitalizing declare soil. Redefining on the warranty of silicone reception combo you break will abuse your combo. Here is a content for everyone. You have unmatchable geographic charges for your childbirth earth, which are European. However, it is up to us to scare the gasoline used for these banana to foster the cheapest blades from them. This companys the gasoline of edition in a very abandoned balance of soil as boiled to complete combo however it entails deductible homemade previous as well.

Anyone in the world

Kính chào Quý doanh nghiệp,

TỔ CHỨC CHỨNG NHẬN SIS CERT trân trọng gửi tới Quý Anh/Chị thông tin khóa học online đào tạo nhận thức về các hệ thống quản lý do chuyên gia ISO đã có nhiều năm kinh nghiệm hướng dẫn.

Những điều cần biết về khóa học

Khóa đào tạo nhận thức chung về hệ thống quản lý online được thiết kế và giảng dạy bởi các giảng viên giàu kinh nghiệm sẽ giúp bạn hiểu về tất cả các lĩnh vực quản lý chất lượng và tầm quan trọng của nó trong việc đảm bảo kinh doanh trong tương lai cũng như sự tự tin các bên liên quan.

Ngoài ra, khóa đào tạo nhận thức tiêu chuẩn ISO nhằm giúp cho học viên nắm được các khái niệm, thuật ngữ, nguyên tắc cơ bản và yêu cầu của tiêu chuẩn hệ thống quản lý ISO để có thế áp dụng vào thực tế công việc của mình.

Lợi ích khi tham gia khóa học

  • Doanh nghiệp – Giảm chi phí, tiết kiệm thời gian cho công tác đào tạo, tập huấn kiến thức về ISO cho đội ngũ cán bộ, công nhân.
  • Sinh viên, người có nhu cầu – Nâng cao kiến thức, năng lực chuyên môn để bổ sung vào hồ sơ năng lực cá nhân giúp chinh phục nhà tuyển dụng.
  • Tăng chuyên môn để tìm được công việc với mức lương cao.

Đối tượng nào phù hợp cho khóa học

Lãnh đạo, giám đốc, quản đốc trong các doanh nghiệp

Các cá nhân có nhu cầu quan tâm

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Anyone in the world

Dưới đây là các loại khóa học khác nhau để giúp bạn quyết định

Khóa học nhận thức

  • Bạn chỉ cần hiểu những điều cơ bản về tiêu chuẩn ISO 9001?
  • Sau đó, khóa học nền tảng có thể là những gì bạn muốn.
  • Khóa học này trở nên có giá trị nếu bạn có sự hỗ trợ của chuyên gia để thực hiện, nhưng cần phải hiểu tổng thể về các yêu cầu ISO.
  • Ví dụ, nếu bạn sẽ có một nhà tư vấn, nhưng bạn muốn biết phải làm gì khi họ hoàn thành, thì hiểu biết tổng thể về tiêu chuẩn ISO có thể gíup bạn có đủ kiến thức.

Khóa học đánh giá viên nội bộ

  • Tất cả các hệ thống quản lý đều bao gồm một quy trình
  • Để tổ chức của bạn thực hiện đánh giá các quy trình trong nội bộ tổ chức của bạn
  • Để tự xác nhận rằng các quy trình của bạn đang diễn ra như bạn đã lên kế hoạch.
  • Nếu bạn là một trong những đánh giá viên nội bộ sẽ thực hiện các cuộc đánh giá quá trình này, thì khóa học này sẽ giúp bạn hiểu không chỉ các yêu cầu của tiêu chuẩn, mà còn các yêu cầu về cách thực hiện đánh giá quá trình để xác nhận sự phù hợp và tìm cơ hội cho cải tiến trong tổ chức của bạn.

Khóa học đánh giá viên trưởng

  • Với tiêu chuẩn hệ thống quản lý ISO, nhiều công ty sẽ chọn đăng ký chứng nhận như một phương pháp độc lập để chứng minh sự tuân thủ của họ với tiêu chuẩn.
  • Quá trình này được thực hiện bởi các đánh giá viên từ bên thứ ba, tổ chức chứng nhận độc lập, người sẽ xác nhận rằng các quá trình bạn đã thực hiện đáp ứng các yêu cầu của tiêu chuẩn ISO.
  • Các đánh giá viên sẽ thực hiện các cuộc đánh giá này cần phải vượt qua kỳ thi để cấp chứng chỉ đánh giá viên trưởng.
  • Nếu bạn đang thực hiện đánh giá nội bộ cho một công ty, khóa đào tạo này cũng có thể có lợi, vì nó cho phép bạn hiểu được khóa đào tạo được thực hiện bởi các đánh giá viên chứng nhận.

Khóa học ISO 9001 đem lại lợi ích gì cho bạn?

  • Có được kiến ​​thức chuyên sâu về các yêu cầu của tiêu chuẩn 9001
  • Phát triển sự tự tin để áp dụng kiến ​​thức này trong tổ chức của bạn
  • Có thể thực hiện phân tích khoảng cách chi tiết và lập kế hoạch dự án
  • Biết từng điều khoản yêu cầu gì để thực hiện hiệu quả
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